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Blog (blog), the mainstream of real life these days - host to the newspaper, the researchers cite the people and political candidates to hire to write. They are a powerful tool to spread knowledge for the sake of argument, and form is already in their network to identify and nurture the community more important than the much older form of newsgroups, mailing lists, electronic and bulletin board system. Hypertext scholars have found it interesting to observe the re-emergence of practices such as two-way link (via trackback) is a blog context. HAIPATEKISUTOSHISUTEMU construction of the system being considered an obstacle to the possibility of how to feed and help our understanding, or blog and interoperability with the entire world phenomenon.

In this tutorial, a blog for those who are interested, some may have read, and perhaps even started one - but more to promote understanding, some advice, some direct hand experience. Blog morning to be here. We try to talk about what is a blog, some of the blog's history, and some have different types of blogs. Your blog please refer to be used in academic research, for the latest news and knowledge management business. Your personal blogs to see the social field driven by a variety of concerns ranging from obsessive tracking of mobile phones and photography. Talk to your blog some of the tools (for example, movable type, Blogger is a dangerous place, blosxom, Live Journal, and the different emphasis of the strengths and plural. Your blog is a look at criteria such as Trackbacks, travel, Blogger API, and the atom. See your blog and analysis tools to build the community (for example, a Technorati, BUROGUDEKKUSU, from Blogrolling blagg) and aggregation tools (a meerkat.) Your discuss relevant trends, such as wikis, in the field of large-scale social software for a specific purpose or blog tools (eg, courseware blog).

Afternoon, our hands going on in the morning to debate the blog to the subject of practical advice about your work as a group or individual, and the opportunity to provide a tutorial sigweb, Participants can start a blog after meeting members followed. Sessions are involved in hands, to create blog entries, using it to another blog and editing tools, and individual entries and another connection between blog. Discussion practical advice to focus on the different approaches blog is a realistic set your expectations of the audience, and promotional blog (blog and read) to work in cooperation with / research, rather than drudgery.

Finally, the participants they do not have their own blogs to create and how to use it to be a stand-alone entity or guiding function as a blog or integrate the existing web pages.

This tutorial is a guest speaker, Mark Bernstein, and discuss the blog tools and notes indicating a dangerous place (he was the primary author) for his share tips, as well as life on the Web write.
Technical details

Hand for the session and the need to attend it can (laptop) computers connected to the wireless network in the conference.

Participants need only a Web browser knows how to use a text editor and a basic understanding despite the markup language (eg, HTML, etc.) should be useful.

Noah wardrip - Fruin
Hypertext is a writer and scholar. He is the leader of one of editors new media (NIKKUMONFORU), published in 2003 by MIT Press and brings many seminal hypertext documents (paper and digital) back in print. He is also joint editor (PATTOHARIGAN), the upcoming first person: the story, as a new media, performance, and games. His first presentation in the conference ZUMINGUINTAFEISUHAIPATEKISUTO + + pad and novel written for the black and white problem. He is the co-author of his own blog, and the organization's director of the Electronic Literature.
Engineers and designers, R & D work in the BBC radio and music interactive look at how to support the changing nature of listening. Previously, he was at work on the UK's e-government project location-based information publishers, jointly create a semantic network (Dark - currently offline), a robot developed by a range of Instant Messenger (g ooglematic including), and social software for O'Reilly spoken in small groups emerging technology conference in 2004. He is a visionary technology and culture to maintain a Weblog / Home and lived in London.
Eastgate founder, the system's chief researcher. Hypertext came after his short career in chemical research. Since the phase of the Computer Science, he created hypergate, HAIPATEKISUTOOSARINGUSHISUTEMU for Apple MAKKINTOSSHUHAIPAKADO predated the Fontina is a Macintosh font management software, and links to apprenticeship, a research tool received a lot of interest in the community and by hypertext. He is the primary developer for Windows storyspace squirrel is on the web eastgate. He is co-chair of the program hypertext Hypertext'96 and'97 (Washington, DC) (Southampton, England).

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